Monday, August 25, 2008

A Fabulous Time in Ohio!

Hi! I made it to Medina, OH to visit with Knittermama and Curious Kitty awhile ago, but was having issues with my blog so I couldn't post. Let me recap you on all the fun we've had!
Since I've been here I've gone all over the place! I helped place a box at Clay's Park in Canal Fulton, OH and attend Knittermama's husband's company picnic. Then we went to an old lock on the Ohio and Erie canal and found a box. It was awesome!
I've also been to Whipp's Ledges and Worden's Ledges in the Hinckley reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Those rocks are so huge and fun to climb! I got my picture taken with a sphnyx and got to meet a new friend named Robin, a webkinz frog.
I also liked helping Knittermama and her family look for geocaches. They aren't quite as cool as letterboxes, but are still pretty fun to find.
I went to a hobo camp and learned about riding the rails. Then I got to ride on them myself on a train in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Knittermama and I ventured out on our own with Robin once school started and Curious Kitty had to go back. I was a little sad she wasn't playing with me anymore, but Knittermama distracted me with a really adventurous day of boxing. We went to a new park we'd never been to and found a letterbox and geocache, then we went to the library in her hometown to pick up some books and another box. Afterwards we planted a box at her special hiding spot and were on our way to plant another before picking up Curious Kitty, but things got a little scary. Knittermama got lost in the woods on some BMX trails. The trail was about 30 miles long with LOTS of switchbacks. We saw two white tail deer very close up, but then we were WAY in the woods and running out of time. I think Robin started crying and Knittermama was trying not to panic. It was over 90 degrees outside and hot in that backpack. I thought we'd never get home. Good thing I'd learned to use the GPSr and remembered we had it with us, or Curious Kitty would probably still be waiting at school! It all worked out okay though. I got to pretend I was Bear Grylls from "Man vs. Wild" and slide down some steep hills. I think Knittermama got some blisters but we had a great time and grew some self-confidence. We also learned never to leave the car on a new trail without marking the car in the GPSr first.
Robin left today so I'm a little sad, but he's going to visit the family I live with so I might see him again soon! Knittermama said she's running out of nearby boxes to hunt for (and isn't ready again yet for that last plant and may want to rethink it), so I might be travelling on my way soon. Wonder where I'll get to go next?!

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